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It has been a dramatic few days on the cobbles this week – as Kylie Platt makes her dramatic exit from Weatherfield, leaving Coronation Street in one of the worst ways possible.

Chaos on the cobbles

Long-time mischief maker Kylie Platt – played by Paula Lane – has had her dreams of moving to Barbados with husband David cut short.

After getting involved in a showdown at the soap’s kebab shop, in the hope of helping her friend Gemma, Kylie was stabbed by local thug Clayton, who was an associate of her ex-boyfriend Callum – who fathered one of her children.

Leaving behind two children, Max and Lily, she muttered a final few words to David – “We were great” – before dying in her husband’s arms.

But what does this mean for the children – will they be cared for following her death? Have they been left with an adequate financial provision? Or will more troubled times be ahead for the family?

Wills And Probate Expert Sarah Ali Explains:

“In a shocking turn of events, Kylie’s plans to leave the UK with her family are dashed following her sad passing. There are many questions surrounding her death that are yet to be answered, but the issue now will surround what is going to happen to her husband and children.

“For many young people, the need for a will is not seen as important, but when there are children involved, it is important that your wishes are recorded in a legal document – your will – where these can be fulfilled, should anything happen to you.

“The violent incident being depicted is obviously less common than a natural passing – but the sad fact is that crimes do still occur, as well as parents getting ill; ensuring the people you love are looked after should be a paramount concern, whatever your age.

“It will be interesting to see how this is handled in the world of soaps. Even though Audrey – David’s grandmother – signed over her salon to him in 2011, providing for his children may now become problematic. My guess is that it won’t be an easy series of events for David, Max and Lily.”

The problem with custody

It isn’t just the financial problems that David faces following Kylie’s death. Things are set to get even more complicated, as Max is the biological son of Kylie’s ex, Callum – could this mean David might lose custody?

James Skinner, associate solicitor at Simpson Millar, explains:

“As David is a stranger in blood for Max, he will have to either apply to adopt him (as he and Kylie were intending to happen) or alternatively apply to the court for a child arrangements order, asking the court to order Max lives with him and that he is given parental responsibility for him.

“As Max’s biological father Callum is dead, the only other possible person who could make a competing claim would be Callum’s mother – Max’s grandmother – on the basis she at least is a blood relative.

“The case would be decided on where Max’s best interests lie, and should David adopt him, he would be stepping into the shoes of the Max’s biological parents giving him the same parental rights.”

Do you think Kylie had provisions in place for Max and Lily? Will David be able to keep custody of Max?

Written by Sarah Ali

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