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After suffering serious burns, Coronation Street favourite Anna Windass is considering claiming compensation for the injuries caused when fellow Corrie regular David Platt flipped his car and caused an explosion in a botched attempt to blow up a courthouse.

The shocking storyline has seen Anna struggle to come to terms with her horrific injuries, as her confidence has been knocked by the visual appearance of her scarred and disfigured legs since the accident.

Encouraged by her boyfriend, Kevin Webster – who is looking to try and use the money for his own purposes – Anna is now considering making a compensation claim but has her reservations as she fears the process may cause her to relive the incident and will require photographs to be taken of her scarred legs.

Discussing the plot and the process for claiming compensation in such a case, Dawn Rose – Associate in Simpson Millar’s Personal Injury team – explains how a claim could help Anna with her rehabilitation.

Crisis on the Cobbles

Anna, played by actress Debbie Rush, suffered the serious burn injuries at the end of last year after David, played by Jack P Shepherd, planned to drive a car full of petrol to the courthouse to enact a revenge plot on Clayton Hibbs, who killed David’s wife Kylie in a sickening attack last summer.

The plan went awry when David saw his own daughter in the road and had to swerve uncontrollably to avoid Lily, causing his car to flip.

After onlookers rescued two characters pinned under David’s flipped cars the incident took a dramatic turn as a fire starts from the crash.

Flames soon ignited a line of petrol that lead straight to Anna, whose legs are caught by the flames and needed to be put out by others at the scene.

Anna was immediately rushed to hospital but in subsequent scenes we saw the nature of her injuries, as her legs were severely burned and scarred.

In the aftermath of her injuries Anna struggled to come to terms with the scarring and visual appearance of her legs, with her confidence knocked and the incident having a significant effect on her psychological wellbeing.

Claiming Compensation

David and his family were able to explain away the crash as an accident, meaning he is yet to face consequences from his misguided actions.

Anna did not consider a compensation claim until her partner Kevin considered the chances to make a claim, however his motivations are questionable as he hopes to use any funds to support his business instead of allowing Anna to use any payments to secure surgery and rehabilitation that can help her get her life back to the way it was before the incident.

Reluctant to proceed with a claim, Anna fears that the compensation process may bring memories of the incident back and is concerned about facing questioning and having to replay details of how she suffered her horrific injuries.

Rumours suggest that Anna will proceed with a claim, but the outcome of litigation and how it affects Anna remains to be seen.

Reacting to the case, Dawn says:

“This story reveals just how devastating the consequence of an accident can be, in particular the story highlights that burn victims not only have to cope with the physical pain but the distressing psychological consequence of coming to terms with their injury.”

“Given the horrifying circumstances in which the injuries were sustained I completely understand Anna’s reluctance to pursue a personal injury claim. For people who are not familiar with the litigation process it can seem daunting, complicated and the thought of re-living the events in Court can be incredibly stressful.”

“This, however, is where a skilled and specialist personal injury lawyer can really make a difference; we strive to take the worry and stress out of litigation by explaining each step in the case and guiding a victim through the process.”

“Increasingly the courtroom is no longer the only forum where cases are decided.  Around the table discussions, joint settlement meetings and mediation are becoming more popular; these less adversarial approaches are much more sympathetic to the feelings of those bringing a claim.”

“In Coronation Street, Anna has struggled to come to terms with the effects and appearance of her burns and her solicitor should ensure that the medical evidence gathered in support of the claim will properly explore all available options which could lessen the appearance of any scarring, for example scar revision surgery, specialist creams or camouflage make-up.”

“In cases such as this, interim payments could be sought to allow access to treatment in the immediacy, before further compensation ensures that the claimant can afford to buy creams and camouflage makeup for the rest of their life. Anna seems to be suffering significant psychological effects of the incident, with her symptoms suggesting that she has develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which could be treated to the highest standards is compensation is secured.”

“If you feel reluctant to pursue a claim like Anna, at the very least I would encourage you to make a call to a solicitor. This is likely to cost you nothing and could really make the difference to your quality of life if you go on to pursue a successful claim.”

Written by Dawn Rose.

For more information on personal injury and the services offered by Simpson Millar, please call:

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