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Tottenham Hotspur may have looked comfortable as they beat current Premier League leaders Manchester City this weekend; however they did so without talismanic striker Harry Kane, who is recovering from an ankle injury.

Simultaneously, former world boxing champion Amir Khan revealed how a hand injury has hampered him for 13 years and how he is now recovering from surgery to correct the ailment.

Discussing the nature of sports injuries, Melanie Burden – Head of Multi-track Personal Injury – explains their long rehabilitation time and how they should be a lesson for others that suffer similar injuries from an everyday accident.

Star Striker Sidelined

Harry Kane has become a key man at Spurs over the last two seasons; however they have had to cope without their star striker after last season’s top goal scorer suffered ligament damage last month.

The club’s manager, Mauricio Pochettino, has since said that scans on the injury are much better than expected, but still refused to give a definitive return date for Kane.

Highlighting the rare nature of Kane’s injury, the spell of games without him in the starting line-up is the first since November 2014, when he still made an appearance from the bench to score a last-minute winner.

Kane suffered the ankle ligament damage when attempting to tackle an opponent during a match on the 18th of September; he limped off the field and eventually left the ground on a stretcher.

Boxer’s Rehabilitation After Surgery

Days before Kane suffered his ligament injury; another British sporting personality was detailing an injury that has hindered them for 13 years.

Two-time boxing world champion Amir Khan shared an x-ray that showed the extensive surgery on a broken hand, which has alleged stopped him punching to the best of his abilities.

Confirming the long-term hand problem earlier in the year, Khan claimed that he had only been able to punch at “30 or 40 per cent” power.

Sharing an x-ray of the surgery designed to fix the problem for future fights, it was revealed that bone was taken from Khan’s hip and grafted onto his hand.

Khan is now working on getting strength back into the hand and is expecting to be fit to fight in January next year.

Long Recovery Times

With the uncertainty surrounding the recovery of both stars, it is clear that injuries can have a hugely debilitating effect on sports personalities.

Discussing the nature of Kane and Khan’s rehabilitation Melanie said:

“These injuries highlight how injuries can cause serious consequences. Both of these sports stars are in peak physical condition and are likely to receive the very best treatment and medical care and they still have long, and sometimes unknown, recovery timelines.”

“For the average person on the street that suffers a similar injury, which can happen as a result of a variety of accidents, the recovery and rehabilitation process is likely to be even longer.”

“For our clients, we always try to organise the best treatment possible, so that they can receive a level of care that expedites their recovery.”

“While these sports stars will continue to receive large salaries while they are sidelined, some people may not be so lucky and could find that their wages are affected as they take the time off required to recover from their injury.”

“It is for this reason that we advise those injured in accidents to come forward and seek compensation, as a claim could help to recover some of the financial losses caused by an injury and can help them access early rehabilitation treatment.”

Written by Melanie Burden

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