Meatloaf’s Back Pain

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Meat Loaf, one of the most successful recording artists in rock music, has revealed that he struggles to stand up for longer than 5 minutes due to a painful back injury.

Evaluating the condition of the Bat Out of Hell singer, Dawn Rose – Associate Solicitor – explains the debilitating nature of back injuries.

Pinched Nerve

In candid interviews with both BBC Radio 5 and ITV’s Loose Women, Meat Loaf addressed the state of his health and explained how a pinched nerve in his back was making it difficult for him to stand for longer than 5 minutes.

Speaking to Loose Women, Meat Loaf claimed:

“I have a pinched nerve in my back and it feels like when I stand up to walk, that Norman Bates from Psycho is stabbing me in the back. And it hurts like hell.”

Despite the debilitating injury, the 68-year-old singer expressed that he will be ready for a large tour promoting his new album after the pinched nerve was taken care of.

Arriving at BBC studios with the aid of a walking stick, fans aired their concern over the rock star’s health after his appearance on Radio 5.

Meat Loaf, whose real name is Michael Lee Aday, addressed previous health conditions after questions arose over his physical state when he collapsed on stage during a performance in Canada.

The American claimed that the fall was bought on by dehydration, rather than a serious health condition.

Highlighting Serious Nature Of Back Injury

Trapped or pinched nerves can be caused by a variety of incidents, from incorrectly lifting heavy items to a slip, trip, or fall.

Trapped nerves are often associated with acute pain and for conditions that are related to an accident, such as a road traffic collision, pain can spread to other areas of the body.

Dawn explains why Meat Loaf’s comments should be paid particular attention:

“Using powerful language, Meat Loaf has expressed in no uncertain terms just how painful and debilitating back injuries can be.”

“Back pain is a common problem that affects 4 out of 5 out us at some stage of our life, but the implication of a back injury are often underestimated by members of the public. Meatloaf’s story highlights the excruciating pain suffered by many of those who have back pain.”

“Back pain can be acute, meaning that is starts suddenly but improves over a course of days or weeks. Fortunately, with early intervention and access to the right treatment and diagnosis many people are able to recover from such pain.”

“Some sufferers may not be so lucky and if an injury is carried for longer than 3 months it is classified as chronic pain. Chronic pain causes a number of further complications and usually requires referrals to a pain clinic for a multi-disciplinary package of pain management treatment.”

“In some circumstances, a damaged back may never be repaired and the only way around the pain is with an extended course of pain management, ongoing treatment, and – often – a complete change in lifestyle.”

“In the back injury cases that we manage, we often look holistically at the range of pain management and care options available to individuals, before trying to establish causation with a third party and ensuring that appropriate compensation is sought; this is crucial to free up funds for the sufferer to receive the best possible course of treatment.”

Written by Dawn Rose

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